Augustus Writes a Poem!

I have never written a poem before. Cecily, unfortunately, has written thousands, and has been pestering me to let her post one. I refused. Instead I decided to write my own poem, which adheres to certain grammatical and style rules which Cecily’s does not.

The topic is, of course, river life. I have no knowledge of any other kind of life, so I am sticking to the wise old adage to write what you know. Unlike Cecily, who writes poems about countless impossible things, like flying to the moon! Or my secretary Zoe Urquhart who has a whole blog dedicated to ridiculous poems on ridiculous subjects!

So like some of my other posts, this poem shall be sensible, and realistic.

Read on!

I am but a fish, but a fish will live and learn,

As long as there is a river, and a sun to burn.

Here am I, nestled in the sand of the river,

Waiting for whatever the day will deliver.

Let there be sun, rain, wind or worse,

I would not leave for the whole universe.

~ Augustus The Fish

I am not one to boast, however for one such as myself who has never written a poem before, I would say I did better than anyone could have imagined! Especially some like Cecily, who burst into laughter at the thought of my writing poetry. I leave it to you all now to make your own judgments on this!

If anyone has suggestions as to what other topics or themes I could write about, leave a comment below! I always enjoy reading your wonderful comments!

Thank you for reading!

~Augustus The Fish

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What Do You Do When Someone Takes Over Your Blog?

So some of you may have noticed that my little cousin Cecily took the liberty of publishing her own little blog post on my blog.

This did not escape my notice. In fact to start with I was extremely annoyed. Extremely annoyed. And perhaps I may have been more forceful in expressing this to her than need be. But never let it be said that Augustus The Fish is not fair or just.

After all, Cecily is also a fish who is interested, in however a mild a way, in the issue facing all fish today. Of course she may not be the most serious minded fish, but perhaps some humans may be able to relate to her.

So this is just a short notice to say that I have decided to allow her impudent post to remain for the time being. Will you see her write anymore in the future? That remains to be seen.

However from now on, all blog posts will be severely monitored by me, and on no account will we see any tutorials for flower crowns.

Sincerely Augustus The Fish. 

Cecily Discovers Augustus’s Blog!

Hiiiii everyone! I am SO excited! I have finally found Augustus’ blog! He talks about it ALL the time! But he would never let me see it, and that was SO frustrating! I thought it sounded so cool, actually interacting with humans! I mean, you are all humans reading this, right? That’s so amazing; I can’t believe that humans are actually going to read what I’ve written. But it’s very important as well.
At first I just wanted to read Augustus’ blog, but now that I have, it’s so BORING! Obviously Augustus needs my help, although he would never admit it. So that is why I am writing this, to bring a little flair to What a Fish Thinks. Although now that I’ve started to write on it too I guess it should be called What Fish think, or What Two Fish Think. I wonder if I changed it, would Augustus notice? Probably. He may be a fish but he has eagle eyes. It’s very annoying sometimes.
Oh wait! I’m so forgetful; you have no idea who I am!!! My name is Cecily, and I’m Augustus’ cousin. I see he actually mentioned me in a previous blog post, fancy calling me frivolous, frivolous my fin! I can be very serious! I know about serious issues facing fish today! Humans can be very scary! But how bad can you all be if you are taking the time to read this blog? You must be very interested in what fish think and I think that’s wonderful. Honestly! I’d like to high-fin you all!
Oh and by the way! Remember how in that blog post about me being frivolous Augustus mentioned me wearing flower crowns? Well I do, I think they’re really pretty, I saw two human girls walking across the bridge one day wearing them and I just HAD to have one! So I made one out of wild flowers growing on the banks of the river, it was very difficult, but SO worth it. Here’s a picture of me wearing it:
You see, fish aren’t that different from humans! We have likes and dislikes, we are all different. For example, Augustus is serious and likes learning and dislikes having fun while I am fun-loving and I love pretty things and hate boring things! Although, ok, I’ll admit it, Augustus can be fun sometimes, we love to go current surfing together, and he even does it when there’s a flood coming! I mean really!
Wow, so this is really awesome, I can talk as much as I want on here! But I better stop now or Augustus might catch me writing on his blog. I really, really want to get to know you all, I’d love to find out ALL about you, so how about in the comments you write one thing you like and one you dislike, that would be so AWESOME! Please do, I’m really looking forward to it!!!

Lot of love from Cecily!!!!

P.S You can also email me at!!! Please do, I’d love to hear from you!! 🙂