What Do You Do When Someone Takes Over Your Blog?

So some of you may have noticed that my little cousin Cecily took the liberty of publishing her own little blog post on my blog.

This did not escape my notice. In fact to start with I was extremely annoyed. Extremely annoyed. And perhaps I may have been more forceful in expressing this to her than need be. But never let it be said that Augustus The Fish is not fair or just.

After all, Cecily is also a fish who is interested, in however a mild a way, in the issue facing all fish today. Of course she may not be the most serious minded fish, but perhaps some humans may be able to relate to her.

So this is just a short notice to say that I have decided to allow her impudent post to remain for the time being. Will you see her write anymore in the future? That remains to be seen.

However from now on, all blog posts will be severely monitored by me, and on no account will we see any tutorials for flower crowns.

Sincerely Augustus The Fish.