What a Lot of Questions for a Fish!

Welcome once again to my informative blog, I hope you have been enjoying our journey together so far, there is much more to come!

Today I have some great questions that have been left in my questions box at the Age of Fishes Museum that I will share the answers to here and now. There is also one email.

Don’t forget, if you want to ask me questions you can email me at age.of.fishes@gmail.com send me a letter or post card at PO Box 360 Canowindra NSW 2804 or even put a question in my box on the front desk at the Museum. 

Here is a picture of my new Ask Augustus box, if you’re in the neighbourhood, I would be overjoyed if you’d drop me a line, if you’re not in the neighbourhood you can contact me as seen above.

The four questions I have received so far have been excellent, and they are from children and adults which is superb, keep the questions coming!
The first question is from Minus, who asks: 
“Hello Fish, is it cold in the water?”  

My answer: Dear Minus, 
it is becoming increasingly cold in my river as summer disappears, it wasn’t too bad up until last Friday when it started to rain and now it is getting very cool.
Sincerely Augustus The Fish.
The next question comes from Minu:
“Hello Fishy, what do you eat?”
My answer: Dear Minu,  

I enjoy lots of different foods, such as shrimps and small yabbies. I enjoy the occasional soft aquatic insect larvae. However I would have to say that my absolute favourite food is frogs.

Sincerely Augustus The Fish.

Next we have a lovely question from Kim:
“Dear Augustus, Do you have al kinds of different fish friends or do you just play with your own species?” 
My answer: Dear Kim, 
interesting question. Unfortunately it has been an extremely long time since I have ‘played’. However I still enjoy stimulating conversation with all my friends in and around The River, no matter what species. In fact I would say that a reluctance to associate with those who are not of your species or race seems to be isolated to humans, fish have never been so snobbish. Well, except to species such as some vulgar species of bird whose eating habits are disgraceful. But that is the exception to the rule and in general I will always talk to anybody. I have even managed to overcome my natural reluctance to talk to humans and now even enjoy it! 
Sincerely Augustus The Fish.
And the last question in my ask box is from John:
“Dear Augustus, Do fish see things in colour?”
My answer: Dear John, 
may I say how refreshing it is to get such a remarkable question, this is very thought-provoking! I have always thought of myself as thinking in colour but how do any of us know whether or not what I see in colour is the same as what you see? This is one of the great mysteries of the universe. However, as a direct answer to your question, yes I see in colour, as do most fish. Some fish can even see in ultraviolet and some are sensitive to polarized light.

Sincerely Augustus The Fish.
So thank you very much for all these great questions from visitors to the Age of Fishes Museum!
Lastly we have another email from Tilly who asks some questions that I am sure everyone will find interesting.
Dear Augustus,

In the holidays, are there any activities at the museum that I could participate in?
Also, I haven’t received any newsletters since your first one, have you done a newsletter? If not, can you please do one?

Thank you,

My answer: Dear Tilly,

It is so good to hear about your interest in the museum, and thank you for your continued emails, keep them coming!

In answer to your question, this school holidays the visitor information center that is associated with the museum is helping with the Canowindra Balloon Festival, and everyone will be very busy with that. So no there will not be any official activities at the museum this school holidays, but there will be some in the next newsletter that is being sent out soon, which brings me to your next question!

The newsletter comes out every three months to coincide with the school holidays, so you should receive one in the next couple of weeks or so. On page 4 you will find some awesome activities for in the school holidays, so keep your eyes out for that! Once you have completed some of those activities you can email some of the completed ones and they may be featured on the blog.

Hope you enjoy the school holidays!

Sincerely yours,
Augustus The Fish
The newsletter for kids is lots of fun and great for any kids 4-14 years old. The cost is only $10 and is available world-wide. It is educational and features some activities and projects of my own so I would highly recommend anyone who wants their children to have this once in a life time opportunity to sign up for it! Just email aof@colourcity.com for a form to sign up! 
Once again thanks so much for all the amazing questions, I look forward to answering more in the future!
~ Sincerely Augustus The Fish.