Swimming with an Ancient Fish.

As I was thinking about what to say about your latest project in my river, I was finding it very hard to know what to say, which is a very odd circumstance for me.
I admit that I have always been rather intelligent; however I never pretended to be very interested in humans’ doings and know very little about them. If, on the other fin, you wanted to know anything at all about my river or my opinions on anything else I would have ample supply of them!
But as only a mere, lowly fish I find it hard to understand what you mean by ‘3D animated image’ and ‘will be projected into the Belubula River’ and harder still to be called on to comment on. But never let it be said that Augustus has ever been at a complete loss for something to say!
I will address the general idea of it, which sounds fascinating. As you told me;
“The long extinct Devonian fish will once again swim in the local river.”

Ever since I was a young fishling (none of this fry business, which I find extremely poor taste.) I have wished that I could talk to fish from past generations. To compare notes, as you say. You see fish have always passed on certain traditions to our young, even fish like me who don’t live in schools. So I would love to know how close our traditions today are to the fishes of ancient times.
Now I am told that this long cherished dream will become reality! This fish from long, long ago will be swimming again in his river, my river. I guess you humans are good for some things after all. (And very bad for others, but let’s not go into that yet.)

I am awaiting the event with great expectations. Some questions I have in mind are:
  • Has the river changed much since your time?
  •  Have we always lived here or did some of our ancestors come from a different place?
  •  Do you remember the start of the tradition of meeting every fourth Monday night for a family gathering? Why did we start doing that? (Silly idea if you ask me, we’re  splashing into each other all the time anyway.)
  • What was your favourite food? Are the myths true about a certain kind of delicious insect that used to be here in the thousands, long since extinct?
Those will do for a start, although I suppose once we start talking we’ll never stop! Yellow Bellies are known for having lots to say. At least, my branch of the family is.
So you may not see me at the river next Monday night (I like to keep a low profile around humans) but I’ll be there, watching him swim the river once again and having a little chat.
By the way, I noticed that it is possible for all my readers to add their comments to mine below this, so if any of you (humans or fish) can think of any further questions for me to ask my ancestor on Monday, I beg you to let me know below and I will give them my consideration!

One thought on “Swimming with an Ancient Fish.

  1. Hey Augustus!
    I really love your blog, it's great to hear from a fish about his side of things!
    I was thinking that if I could meet my ancestors I would just like to ask about their general lives to see how different it was back then, so maybe you could ask the Devonian fish what his daily routine was?
    Enjoying your blog! Keep up the good work! 😀
    From Zoe 🙂


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